Corporate Citizenship

DOOCO Corporate Citizenship
Our business is built on relationships. We, therefore, believe that corporate citizenship means keeping strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our valued customers, partners, suppliers, and people who work for us.

As a global corporate citizen, we strive to manufacture quality products without compromising the health of the planet, to provide healthy and safe work places for all employees, and to give back to our communities by using our resources for a positive global impact. We know how important these are and take the responsibility very seriously.

Values and Philosophy
The answer is simply "People". DOOCO people are the true values. We believe quality people create quality products and services. We provides technical, cultural, and customer focused trainings as regular job training course, and those trainings are planned and reviewed by top management.

Management of DOOCO believe that true customer driven company starts with the spirit of corporate citizenship, commitment to the technology leadership, and integrity. This philosophy represents what DOOCO is all about.

DOOCO Vision
Our vision is to be the world No. 1 component supplier for mobile phone industry with technology leadership. To make our vision reality, we strive to help our customers to be competitive in every business activities. We believe, by that way, we will be a more responsible corporate citizen, thereby contributing a better world.