We offer coreless miniature DC motor
for portable handset application.

For keypad backlighting, LGF is the most efficient and economic way of illuminating due to its quality and design flexibility.

We manufacture dome sheet switch with our quality assurance and most reliable technology.

Our ultra thin and flexible EL panel provides uniform and bright luminance
for keypad backlighting.

Our KPBF solution consists of LGF(or EL), Dome sheet, Speaker, Microphone and etc., and those Ccomponents are
surface mounted on FPCB.

Since 1993, DOOCO manufactures world class vibrator motors for cellular phones, PDAs, pagers, etc. Current customers are world leading mobile communication device companies like Motorola, Palm, and small to medium sized local companies in Asia.

As an ISO9000:2000 certified company, DOOCO offers not only world class quality motors, but also vibrator motor solutions that fits for valued customers' need. Our in house tooling capability means flexible and fast product developments, which will maximize the effectiveness of the communications with customers. Current capacity is 5M/month, and there are 6 dedicated R&D engineers. Since environmental issues are our big concern, all the motors we are manufacturing are LEAD-FREE.