Vibration Motors

Product Types

SMT Type Spring Contact Type Lead Wire Type Coin Type


Vibration motor is a compact size coreless DC motor for mobile phone, PCS, PDA etc. and informs users of receiving signal by vibration. Our vibration motor has two kinds of type according to the shape, namely Bar type and Coin type.

General Features Application
Bar Type

Bar type vibration motor is generally cylindrical shape and mostly Ø4 diameter. Various sizes, operating voltages, and counter weights are available.

General features
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Coin Type

Coin type vibration motor is generally thin and flat coin shape. Vibration force of coin type motor is generated be unbalance of rotor and counterweight is inserted onto rotor for increase of unbalance. According to size and thickness, there are different species, such as Ø10X3.4t, Ø10X3.0t, Ø10X2.7t, etc.

General Features
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Linear Vibrator

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