Vision & Value

Since 1993, DOOCO Electronics USA, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing essential components such as Vibration Motor, EL Panel & Dome Array technology to major companies in the Mobile Handset Industry. With establishment of two manufacturing plants, DOOCO Electronics (KOREA) Co., Ltd. & DOOCO Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., DOOCO Electronics USA is one of the fastest growing companies realized in the industry today. Globally, we are recognized as a top Vibration Motor manufacturer/supplier to many Wireless Communication Device Companies and Mobile Handset Manufacturers. DOOCO Electronics USA, Inc. is an approved Global Supplier for Motorola, Inc. and Palm, Inc.

DOOCO Electronics USA, Inc. has over five hundred employees through out Domestic and International Operations. Our professional staffs, CSR Agents to Sr. Engineers, they are highly qualified, well trained, and available to provide solutions to any customer inquiries. Majority of our staffs are bi-lingual, and English is the primary language practiced in our organization, providing an edge to DOOCO Electronics USA, Inc. over our competitors. It’s no secret today, many US companies are manufacturing over seas. However, culture experience and culture knowledge can make a world of difference in cost of doing business overseas. We have the ability to communicate clearly with overseas management as well as translate and relay any vital information in English directly to our customers. We can arrange and track Domestic and International logistics, examine and determine overseas market trends (relative to manufacturing process and capabilities). This helps us to control cost, and allow us to remain compatible in the global market place. In return, we can continue to supply our customers with high quality products without affecting or negatively changing their business bottom line.