Message from the CEO

Julie Choi / CEO and PresidentWe are pleased to announce that Dooco continues its success due to the continued support of our customers, partners, suppliers and the exceptional effort of our team. During the past 15 years, Dooco has grown as a firm vibrator motor and EL supplier for the world class mobile handset manufacturers. This attests to our never-ending drive to constantly re-invent ourselves to stay competitive, and I am so proud of it.

Starting in 2007, we entered into Light Guide Film business which will give customers opportunities to reduce cost, noise, and electric power.

Our business strategy is focused on providing component solutions that power business and creating synergy for both of our valued customers and us. On the basis of the goal of becoming a world class company that specializes in component for mobile phones with technology leadership, all employees of Dooco will continually strive to provide satisfaction for customers by delivering quality products with excellent services.

Our vision is to be the world No. 1 component supplier for mobile phone industry with technology leadership. To make our vision reality, we strive to help our customers to be competitive in every business activities. We believe, by that way, we will be a more responsible corporate citizen, thereby contributing a better world.

Dooco Electronics established a long term objectives, and each objective term is 5 years. By year 2020, Dooco Electronics will be the world top component solution company for mobile phone industry. Started with Light Guide Film and Key-PBA, we are making efforts to diversify our products. Our objectives include adding 5 more business group by 2010 and becoming one of world top 5 component solution companies by 2015.

On behalf of all Dooco team, I’d like to ask for your ongoing and generous support of our activities.

Thank you

Julie Choi /CEO and President
DOOCO Electronics USA, Inc.